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What this project offers

  1. The creation of an Institute for Integral Health that will treat and heal individuals using an effective, low cost and resource efficient approach based on a synthesis of western medical knowledge and traditional healing systems as well as modern discoveries in energetic medicine and environmental science. Preventative approaches will be a major focus.
  2. Health Professionals will be selected according to their commitment to communicate, collaborate and learn from each other.
  3. The Institute will research new, innovative, cost-effective and gentle therapies and impart training to individuals and health practitioners.
  4. A venue and forum that brings together health professionals from all disciplines and all countries so that better approaches to health and healing can be discovered and shared – in line with Auroville’s vision to be a town for universal harmony and peace and “the city where one heals.”
  5. Primary focus on ecology and environment through use of:
    1. green building technologies
    2. alternative healing techniques that require less resources than many of the current techniques of western medicine
    3. promoting healthy lifestyles that counter the modern consumptive pattern

Project Executives:

Jocelyn Brynhild, Dr. Ruslan Yeskendirov, Dr. Sumeet Kumar

Proposed Development:

We envisage the Institute to expand and grow in line with the growth of the Auroville population up to 25,000 (from the current 2,000).

In order to serve this population, we anticipate that the Institute will eventually need almost 3,500 sq. m. of covered space and include 40 beds, 20 consultation rooms, full fledged imaging and scanning facilities, etc.

However, for the present, we are focussing on the initial two phases.