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This included only those requirements for which construction could be completed quickly so that the healthcare operations for the Auroville population could shift from it’s squashed, temporary clinic to a permanent home, with space to offer privacy, and quality health services.

Phase 1 is intended as an outpatient clinic with a minor operation theatre, emergency room, 6 consultation and treatment rooms, 1 in-patient room, a lab and pharmacy.

The estimated built-up area is 640 sq. m.
The estimated cost for construction was Rs.115 lakhs (230,000 USD), for infrastructure Rs. 11 lakhs (22,000 USD), and for equipment Rs. 35 lakhs (70,000 USD) with a grand total cost of Rs. 175 lakhs (318,000 USD).

Phase I construction started in 2011 and was completed in August, 2015, after a long but determined struggle to fund raise the needed resources to complete the initial project.

The new Santé building was inaugurated on the auspicious August, 15th, 2015 and began functioning as Auroville’s integral health clinic.

Santé inauguration

Auroville 15/08/2015

A meditation with music on the Santé roof top and performances mostly based on the exploration of the horizontal and vertical space on the theme of “The body is the bridge” was held on a relaxed Saturday afternoon to celebrate the inauguaration.