Health is the outer expression of a deep harmonyThe Mother


The aim of Santé is to create an effective and affordable healthcare system based on a model that integrates the full potential of both Eastern and Western medical knowledge, while also incorporating various traditional healing disciplines.

Our research and the results of our work will be accessible for all those who are interested in developing a more comprehensive healthcare system.


The basic mission of Santé: Auroville Institute for Integral Health is to offer a more effective healthcare system to the population of Auroville. To accomplish this task, the team at Santé began adapting the currently emerging healthcare model of integrative medicine to fit the context and reality of Auroville.

Integrative medicine is based on the collaboration of multiple health disciplines working together in order to provide comprehensive healthcare by combining the various diagnostic and treatment strengths of diverse systems, thus effectively addressing areas where individual healthcare systems are limited or fall short. This model of integral health focuses on providing low cost, effective healthcare through the prevention and treatment of ill-health using a far-reaching knowledge base.