Practicing Integrative Medicine in Santé

The complete immunity from all illness for which our Yoga tries can only come by a total and permanent enlightenment of the below from above resulting in the removal of the psychological roots of ill health. It cannot be done otherwiseSri Aurobindo

To facilitate collaboration within an integrative team at Santé, we have incorporated and developed:

  • Interdisciplinary conferences – exchange, learning, visioning
  • Patient Care Conferences (PCC) and health navigation through integrative patient care
    Selected or chronic cases are brought to the attention of a multidisciplinary team for evaluation and in order to seek input from a wider circle of professionals and make an individualized plan for a concerned patient. As a result, the patient might be seen and treated by two or three doctors/practitioners – whatever will be deemed appropriate for a better outcome. Progress of each case is meant to be well documented.
  • Patient Education
    Informing and involving the patient in his or her own treatment and wellbeing at every step of the way.
  • Clinical Themes – Exploring the effectiveness of each discipline in addressing various pathologies
    Representatives of each health modality make a regular presentation to the wider team about its scope and experience in regard to either a specific pathology or an approach to treatment of that particular disciplines. Presentations happen on rotational bases weekly. This serves as education and awareness development about each others way of practice.
  • Joint interdisciplinary consultations
    Practising together as well as the sharing of patient medical records among doctors and practitioners of all disciplines
  • Integrative telephone consultations
    For the acutely sick and those who need to speak to a healthcare provider over the phone for immediate advice, daily morning telephone consultations with trained members of Santé staff. It is to help deliver more timely care in acute cases, provide competent medical advice or schedule an emergency appointment by phone.
  • Documentation of the treatment and a consultation record system usable by all doctors/therapists
  • Acute Care Services, the integral way
    To meet the urgent needs of the acutely ill or ones unable to schedule an appointment who need medical care, acute care services are offered through the participation on a rotational basis of the different practitioners
  • Homecare for the bedridden or acutely ill patients
  • Conditions for further research and development of an integrative approach to treatment
    Upon developing integrative approaches to selected chronic conditions as a result of research and following “Clinical Theme” discussions, an agreement is made what therapeutic approach to apply for the treatment of a particular chronic condition, for example – Bronchial Asthma. In particular – which doctor/practitioner will be the first to evaluate the case and its severity, and which treatment will be selected in an initial phase and subsequently. Choice of therapy is made based on the previous success rate and it is regularly re-evaluated. Objective criteria for improvement/recovery for each pathology is developed for the same.
  • Publication of preventive educational materials for patients